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For Private Lessons, email or call 917-868-8976

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Welcome! You have just found a truly classical Pilates studio, featuring exclusive private instruction. From here it's simple: your sessions are 50 minutes of just you, a devoted instructor, true legacy Pilates, and a beautiful studio full of professional equipment including a reformer. Your lessons will take into consideration a physical history, any special needs, and what expectations you have for your Pilates practice. Excited? Call and set up an appointment to Pilates Your Body™ the way Joe intended!


ALEXIA SIMMONS (instructor/owner)

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Alexia Simmons is the owner and direct Joseph Pilates legacy instructor of Pilates Perfect Studio. She’s been active in the NYC Pilates community for 20 years. She built her own studio to create a specific environment for her clients: a space that catered to privacy and the one-on-one dynamic of sessions. Alexia believes that private sessions should be private. Her decades of experience have made clear the disruptive nature that large, noisy, crowded studios have on clients. The immersive experience of a Pilates session requires focus and concentration.

Her classical Pilates legacy status began at the world-famous Pilates Certification Center at,
Drago’s Gymnasium including 600 grueling hours of formal classical training; she was certified by The Pilates Studio of New York/Romana’s Pilates.

She is passionate about education and often attends workshops, seminars, and certification programs. Alexia uses this extensive knowledge to provide Pilates-related relief and health to the widest range of client needs. She just received her certification in the popular Buff Bones™ which supports joint and bone health. She’s also been studying scoliosis and innovative exercise techniques that help relieve it; she recently attended an intensive workshop of Scolio-Pilates™.

Alexia has gained recognition for her expertise and writing. Pilates Style Magazine brought her on board to write a featured blog series, “Confessions of a Pilates Teacher.” She’s also contributed many articles to the print version. She was honored by The Museum of the City of New York to create and curate an innovative outdoor “Classical Pilates Mat Series” on premises. Sought as a guest lecturer and expert seminar instructor, she’s also been an adjunct lead teacher trainer from New York to California.


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Private Sessions

Single session - $110

Package of 5 - $525

Package of 10 - $1000

All sessions are 50 minutes and are by appointment only. There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy which applies for all with no exceptions.

As per NY State Health Guidelines, a health questionnaire must be filled out prior to each session and kept on file. This is for contact tracing purposes. This will be done every time a session it taken. Download and bring to your session or a form will be available when you arrive.



Pilates Perfect Studio
9 East 68th St PL1 (Madison)
New York, NY 10065


Contact Us

Studio Hours
Hours - Appointment Only
Mon - Fri: 7am - 8pm
Sat: 9am - 2pm

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Pilates Perfect Studio
9 East 68th St PL1 (Madison)
New York, NY 10065

Contact Us

Studio Hours
Hours - Appointment Only
M - F : 7am - 8pm, Sat: 9am - 2pm