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Our Studio Safety Protocol

Pilates Perfect Studio follows the CDC, state, and local health guidelines and HIPAA in relation to Covid-19. Below are some of the safety measures we are taking.

1. Modified Schedule/Soft Re-Opening:
The modified schedule will allow for 10 minutes for change over of privates. Please do not arrive early for your session.

2. Distancing Measures: 
Distancing measures will be implemented at all times by (1) limiting the total number of people in the studio and lobby area at one time.  Again, please do not arrive early for your session.

3. Cleanliness:
  • Studio - Ample time will be built into the schedule to allow for cleaning the machines, props, bathroom and floor between all privates. Clients will be asked to participate in wipe downs of machines and apparatus used during their sessions. The studio will continue to undergo bi- weekly cleaning top to bottom. All Cleaning products are CDC approved.
  • Client - Hand sanitizer, and masks will be available on site. All clients must use hand sanitizer. A covered bin will be provided to dispose of tissues, and masks. Socks will need to be worn and temp needs to be checked and sign in for each session taken.
  • Masks - Your teacher will always wear a mask. Please enter and leave the studio while wearing a mask. Please wear a mask while moving through the studio. Masks are mandatory per the NY state.
  • Temp Check - Your temp will be taken and recorded before the start of your session.
  • Air - An air filter system adequate for the studio space will be running at all times. The studio’s window will be open to help with fresh air circulation, subject to outside weather. The A/C will be used when the studio temperature cannot be comfortably regulated with fresh air. Filters for the air filter system and the A/C unit will be regularly cleaned and routinely replaced.
  • Water - Water bottles will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own water bottle.
4. COVID-19 Agreement: 
Needs to be signed by students who wish to work out in the space.  This will be sent to you via a docu sign before your sessions begin. This is in addition to the studio consent form. 

If you have traveled to a country or state that is on the NY State Quarantine List, please follow State guidelines for 14 day Quarantine.

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