Why Pilates?

The Authentic Pilates System was originally named “Art of Contrology” by the visionary exercise-movement genius Joseph Pilates. There’s a reason for this: all great art is transcendent precisely because it is predicated on brilliant mastery over the fundamentals of the medium—and Joe Pilates was the Da Vinci of human movement. His was a lifetime of research devoted to how people become—and stay—exceptionally healthy in ideal balance of mind and body. He engineered a transformational system of specifically controlled and precisely executed exercises that, when practiced with consistent discipline and focus, create the holy grail of a centered mind-body connection of vibrant human health. You become strong, feel strong, move strong, live strong.

Unlike any other exercise regime or philosophy, Pilates is a comprehensive system that has very defined, individualized dynamics. This amazing method of total body conditioning starts with core stability and strengthening; from this radiates a strength which becomes a vibrant blueprint for how the rest of your body and mind heals and can build itself. Consistent practice with an expert instructor will then provide you with the groundwork for truly living free from poor movement habits and self-defeating thoughts/habits. You will have longer, leaner muscles; liberating freedom of movement and improved mobility; an exhilarating feeling of strength and vitality that will abide you through all the stages of your glorious life!

Your Pilates practice—will adhere to the authentic method that has been preserved through direct legacy instruction from Joe himself. It is done with a focus that the quality of movement—not some random or arbitrary quantity—builds a solid, dynamic core (or powerhouse) from which to liberate all of your body’s potential. There is no just hopping on a reformer like it’s a brand of panacea sold to you in a fad magazine. No: you will be guided through the system of work as Joe designed it. Our studio of course has the reformer and other authentic apparatuses, providing spring resistance, to help your body learn how to stabilize, mobilize, strengthen, and mind-body connect. There is also mat sequence work or—as Pilates Perfect Studio likes to call it—going “naked” using the Pilates method mat work. Movement beyond the ordinary!

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The Six Key Principle of the Pilates Method:

Centering. The “Powerhouse” or center is just one of the main focuses of Pilates.  Pilates starts with core stability but is an all over body workout.  There are four points highlighted in the body that create the framework for the method and help sustain all actions and this is from shoulder to shoulder and from hip to hip.  We call this the box or frame.

Concentration. The exercises are keenly executed with focused concentration. It is the mind that guides the body and it is the mind that guides the body into action.

Control.  When the exercises are done from the “Powerhouse” with full mental concentration the practitioner is in control of the movements.
Precision. Each Pilates exercise is designed with a precise goal in mind. Each movement is honored with precise detail to get the optimum benefit.  Rather than multiple repetitions and sloppy movements the Method demands structure, form and dynamic quality.

Breath. All exercises are done with the breath and movement working harmoniously together to create rhythm and oxygen to the muscles.

Flow. The full workout is a flowing successions of exercises that were designed by Joseph Pilates to correct poor alignment crested by poor habits. The key is minimum of movement from one exercise to the other resulting in maximum flow.

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