Alexia Simmons (instructor/owner)
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Pilates Perfect Studio owner Alexia Simmons has two decades of extensive industry experience. One strong principle guides her philosophy: only Joe’s brilliant authentic method consistently creates the amazing results not found anywhere else – distinctively strong Pilates bodies with solid cores and a vibrant feeling of health.

She began her NYC life in corporate event marketing, but her true calling became clear after a few chance Pilates lessons. She enrolled at the famous Pilates Center at Drago’s Gymnasium, completing 600 hours of formal training and classical authentic Pilates practice; she was certified by The Pilates Studio of New York (now known as True Pilates or Romana’s Pilates). Her signature style has become known for its uncompromising professionalism, knowledge, precision of detail, warmth and caring, uniquely effective solutions for each client, and an intuitive ability to move clients beyond the perception of limitation. Alexia has earned a prominent reputation and esteem in the NYC-tri-state Pilates community for her passionate commitment to the Pilates ideal, community ethic, integrity and straightforward intelligence.  
She avidly continues academic and professional education, leveraging it into expanded capability to help her clients. She has been sought out as a writer, expert, and consultant for her professional wisdom. Her devotion to the original Joseph Pilates methodology, and to its lasting preservation, is well known; this has cultivated a devoted following and strong network of friends.
Alexia has worn many hats in the Pilates universe before creating her own studio. She been the educational director for a NYC teacher training program, studio manager, guest lecturer, adjunct lead trainer, and executive business director.
Since establishing her UES studio, she has gained in recognition and accomplishment. She was commissioned to create the first-ever outdoor Pilates Mat series for The Museum of the City of New York; She’s been a guest lecturer and expert seminar trainer; she was contacted by Pilates Style Magazine to write an ongoing blog series entitled “Confessions of a Pilates Teacher”; she continues to be a contributor and writer in the magazine.
Alexia lives in Manhattan and has been part of the UES community for two decades and has studied with Pilates luminaries Mejo Wiggin, Brett Howard, Ton Vooght and Michael Fritzkie.

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Alexia has been my Pilates instructor for the last 5 years. She is a true professional - a superb teacher, explaining with tremendous expertise each Pilates move, with complete focus on each detail involved with that move.  Alexia makes it fun to learn Pilates and motivates me to improve my skills.  I look forward to my Pilates lessons because Alexia is such an outstanding instructor!! 

I have been studying (doing, practicing?) Pilates for 20 years and didn't think there was anything left to learn.  In each session, Alexia helps me discover something new:  how to lengthen my hips, push evenly between my feet, pull in my abdominals into a "V". Every session is creative, well-planned, and tailored to my body and physical goals.
- Hilary Lane NYC

I came to Pilates on the suggestion of my orthopedist in hopes of relieving the pain I experienced everyday due to my sciatica. It worked. after a few months of Pilates, I no longer woke up to pain. It is a continuing process. That being said, let me tell you about my instructor Alexia. She is firm, she is relentless, and at the same time she is warm and caring....Alexia is able to read your body. She sees if you are a 1/4 inch off your mark. She is able to see if your shoulders are back, your "core" is engaged and your thighs are "wrapped" all at the same time. With a brush of a finger and a reminder to stay "engaged" she has your body doing what it is supposed to do. Alexia is truly amazing. She doesn't miss a beat. I am lucky to have found her. 
- Micki F.

Alexia, yesterday's workout was amazingly deep! I cannot believe how sore my abs are-you know, that good sore? And my bottom, too!!! Not to mention my triceps. It's like I've never worked out before. You were able to target muscles I have never felt before in all my years doing Pilates taking ballet or going to the gym. Whatever we did in my session was really incredible work, so deceptively challenging! I want more, more more. You totally deliver. You rock. It's as simple as that. You are a gifted teacher. Thank you.
- Sara O.

Alexia creates a relationship with each one of her students, finding ways to teach them based on a student’s needs and understanding. When Alexia teaches Pilates it is a ‘we’ not just a ‘me’. 
- Shaunna A.

Dedicated, focused on clients needs, professional.
- Sophie L

Expert, professional and top notch!!
- Anne M.

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